Past Lives(guitar duo)

I. Venetian Merchant

II. On the plains buffalo dreams…

III. On high ragged cliffs overlooking the Japan Sea circa 1827

IV. Here Now Sometime

This guitar duet is based on the past lives I’ve supposedly had- according to various sources both real and imagined. Each movement is based on one life.

The first movement of the piece is based on life as a Venetian Merchant with a taste for fine wine and spices. It’s highly ornamented and in it I want to portray our man gliding down the canals of Venice triumphantly with his treasures secured safely in the boat.

The second movement of the piece is based on life as a buddhist nun living in the mountains of northern Japan in the late 1800’s. She had lived a hard life and finally decided to become a nun as most women who had hard lives and no other place to go often did. Near the end of her life she began to dream about being reborn as a man in a place as far away as possible from Japan. In this movement I want to capture the image of her on high ragged cliffs looking off into the vast and desolate ocean.

The third movement is based on life as a native-conflict-resolution-specialist or peace-Man if you will. This movment is very rhythmic, in it I want to depict a sort of imagined ritualistic dance based loosely on Native American-esque rhythms.
The final movement is dedicated to Sergio Assad who I think writes music for guitar that always sounds like more than just a guitar. The piece is called “Here Now…sometimes”

Performance History

December 12, 2009 Kawai Bouree Salon 6:30pm performed by Yoshio Nomura and Jason Taylor

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