Thoughts on Landing (six guitars)

for six guitars

I. Thoughts on Landing

II. Summer Festival

Thoughts on Landing was commissioned by the Naniwa Guitar ensemble an amateur ensemble based in Osaka.It’s in two movements the first movement is meant to express the feeling of landing in a strange new land and the second a summer festival.

Performance History

January 24, 2010.The Naniwa Guitar Ensemble performed Thoughts on Landing (for six guitars) at the Chakra Cafe in Osaka on January 24, 2010.

March 11, 2006  The Central Washington University Department of Music Guitar Ensemble Concert- performers included

Carl Hehemann, Caleb Payne, Jon Fickes, Luka Holtz, Nick Murphey, Trey Miller, Jose Rodriquez, Zach Smith, Brandon Woody

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