Falling Through the Cracks (guitar)

I Falling Through the Cracks

II Late Spring Brooklyn Night Through the Window

for solo guitar

Falling Through the Cracks was written in response to some wonderful mbira music that I fell in love with.

The story behind the first movement is at the time of writing the work I lost someone very important to me and someone else was in bad condition. I realized how easy it is for everything to change overnight as if you’re walking down the street and fall through a hole into another dimension. I also liked the idea of their being cracks in the rhythm of the piece- that the nuance of movement from one beat to the next can completely change given what you put in between those beats.

The second movement is dedicated to my old roommate from Brooklyn and his magic. One late spring night I woke up in the middle of the night and my window was wide open. I heard this amazing trance inducing drumming coming from somewhere around Prospect Park and felt almost compelled to follow it to its source. It was as if the drummers were calling me. I never ended up leaving the apartment but I wanted to explore what would happen if I had- and that is what this piece is about.

At the end of this video there is a short segment of me playing the piece.

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