October 22, 2017

Variations and Dancing on Our Floating World for guitar duo

Greenwich, CT USA

The Hilltop Music Collective


Eve Weiss, guitar

Katty Mayorga, guitar

also on the concert there will be

Bernstein: Serenade after Plato’s “Symposium”

Copland: Appalachian Spring Suite for 13 Instruments

Jonathan Russell: Last Dance

Fred Hand: Prayer


September 10, 2017

All Bach Concert at the Yumetaro Plaza’s Hibiki Hall in Taketoyo

March 19, 2017

Four Stories High for baroque lute

will be performed by Shoji Nakagawa at the Muse Ongakukan Salon. He will also be performing Weiss’ Sonata #34 and 36 as well as some of his own compositions.

Tickets are 3000yen and the show starts from 3:00pm

リュート音楽のひととき17 「アーチ・リュートのための音楽」


開演 15:00






February 28, 2017

The New Song, Volume 1

Tuesday, February 28, at 8:00 pm

Marc A. Scorca Hall at The National Opera Center
330 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY

Volume 1 of THE NEW SONG recital series presents an evening of vocal chamber music featuring new works by Japanese and American composers. Join vocalist Daniel Neer with pianist Erika Dohi, guitarist Jason Robert Taylor and actor Sonoko Kawahara in a diverse cross-cultural program that explores the merging of East-meets-West themes in poetry and music. Directed by Ted Gorodetzky, the program features several significant world premieres, including the chamber work “Masks” by Alex Burtzos, and new songs by Jason Robert Taylor, Yui Kitamura and Yusei Hata. Also featured are works by Masatora Goya, Ellen Mandel, Karen Tanaka, Kaito Nakahori and Japanese arts songs rarely heard in America by Haseo Sugiyama, Tamezo Narita and Tatsunosuke Koshitani.

THE NEW SONG recital series is dedicated to the dynamic creation of new vocal music, the worthwhile revival of forgotten songs, and the celebrated discovery of rarely heard vocal music from around the world.

February 18, 2017 a thousand moons and the paper opera


The Moonpillow Ensemble along with guests Vanki Kojima and Chie Morimoto will be presenting “a thousand moons” for guitar trio violin and video along with “The Paper Opera” for narrator and three guitars.

Doors open at 7pm and the concert starts at 7:30

Place: Yumetaro Plaza, Hibiki Hall

Price: 2,500yen At the door: 3000yen



場所:武豊町民会館・ゆめたろうプラザ 響きホール
※知多半田道路 武豊I.C.より車で5分


●『The paper opera~月と珈琲の物語』
●『thousand of moons~幾千の月』


January 20, 2017 the paper opera


The Paper Opera for narrator, pictures and three guitars will be performed at the Italian restaurant on the seventh floor of the Lunek building near JR Kachigawa station from  8:40-9:00pm. 1000yen for the lecture and 2000yen for the Paper Opera- food and drinks included. For more info contact me


懇親会、および 『月と珈琲の物語』

場所:JR 勝川駅前ルネック7階多目的ホールおよび、レストラン




for solo guitar was performed by Kyojiro Sasaki at the Muse Ongakukan Salon at 2:00pm on his annual Christmas concert.

~2つのギターと朗読が貴方に贈る、音の宝石箱 part 3~


開演 14:00


ギター:高岡誠/佐々木響士朗、朗読 : 高岡恵子



・オー・ホーリーナイト      ~A.Ch.アダム/佐藤弘和編
・クリスマスソング       Ml Torme     Robert Wells
・We wish you a merry christmas        Haven Gillespie  J.Fred Coots
・きよしこのよる フランツ・クサーヴァー・グルーバー

・カタロニア奇想曲 アルベニス

・メリー・リトル・クリスマス Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane
・ホワイト・クリスマス アーヴィング・バーリン
・アメージング・グレイス 作曲者 不詳
・主よ、人の望みの喜びよ J.S.バッハ
・大序曲 ジュリアーニ

〔朗読とギター(佐々木) 〕~「賢者の贈り物」
ギター伴奏 聖母マリア頌歌集 ~In the dream~、クリスマスの歌


November 23, 2016人魚姫 The Little Mermaid




一般 3,500円 (当日、各300円増し)

高校生以下 1,500円

親子ペア 4,000円

11時から 小さなキッズバージョン


mermaid-nakamura-bunka mermaid-nakamura-bunka-ura

October 15th, 2016  Angels and Skyscapes: a concert of recent works

I’ve invited 9 performers to 5/R Hall and Gallery to perform some music I’ve written over the past four years. Some highlights include a new duo for baroque lute and baroque violin, a trio for violin, cello, and double bass. Keep checking for more details…



10.15.2016 最近の作品 Angels and Skyscapes







日時 10月15日 (土) 14:00開演 (13:30開場)

料金 全席自由: 一般 3,000円


場所 5/R Hall&Gallery



Chie Morimoto 森本千絵violin ヴァイオリン


Daichi Takasu 高須大地guitar ギター


Shuzo Oya 大矢修三 guitar ギター


The Moonpillow Ensemble ムーンピロー・アンサンブル guitar trio ギター三重奏


Takashi Nakamura 中村貴志 tenor テノール


Masafumi Hirota, 廣田雅史 baroque violinバロックヴァイオリン


Shoji Nakagawa 中川祥治baroque luteバロック・リュート


Miki Kudo工藤 美樹 double bassコントラバス


Yuko Isomura磯村祐子 cello チェロ


Risa Koi 小井里砂pianoピアノ


Jason Taylor ジェイソン・テイラー composer,guitar, piano作曲家、ギター、ピアノ

プログラム ●Program

Anabasis for baroque lute and baroque violin 「アナバシス」バロック・ヴァイオリン、バロック・リュート


Trio for violin, cello and double bass 「トリオ」(ヴィオリン、チェロ、コントラバス)



Variations On A Theme By Miki Kudo for double bass and piano 「コントラバスとピアノのための変奏曲」(コントラバスとピアノ)


Four Stories High (baroque lute)「4階だてのお話」(バロック・リュート)


1階 イニシエーション Initiation


2階 ルカのおもちゃ Toy for Luka


3階 パズル・ピース Puzzle Piece


4階 お別れ Farewell


a thousand moons幾千の月 (ヴァイオリンとギター三重奏)


I.序曲 Overture






IV.ムーヒンク・アウェイMoving Away


Thousands of Lights幾千の燈(ヴァイオリンとギター三重奏)


Raphael’s Wings「ラファエルの羽」(ギター)


Sunset 「サンセット」(ギター)


Thin Places (guitar trio and cello)『シン・プレーセス』(チェロとギター三重奏)


Bare Ruined Choirs (tenor and piano)ベアー・ルイ―ンド・クァイヤース(テノール、ピアノ)


Love at the Planetarium 「プラネタリウムでの愛」 (tenor and piano)

03/13/2016  Love at the Planetarium from Stars for tenor and piano

I’m honored to have a piece that I wrote with Daniel Neer premiered on this program by Daniel Neer and Timothy Huffman along with six other world premieres!!! The show is at Otternein University’s Battelle Fine Arts Center Riley Auditorium on Sunday March 16th, 2016. World Premieres by: EMILY MANZO, SARA CARINA GRAEF, JASON ROBERT TAYLOR, ELIZABETH EGAN and otterbein university student composers DANA DIRKSEN, ANNA BUTLER and IKE WADE Daniel Neer Recital at Otterbein University


02/06/2016  The Moonpillow Ensemble 2016 Concert

Moonpillow 2015 posterMoonpillow 2015 poster 1

The Moonpillow Ensemble 5th Concert(ムーンピローアンサンブル 5th コンサート)

~a thousand moons~ 3艇のギターが奏でるムーンピロー・アンサンブルの世界

今回の5thではヴァイオリニスト・森本千絵さんをゲストにお迎えし、今までとは違うメロディアスな響きをお届けします。1艇のヴァイオリンと3艇のギターから紡ぎ出す波の満ち引きのようなムーンピローサウンドをみなさんの心で感じていただけることを願って。 ♪ジェイソン・テイラー [主催]a thousand moons実行委員会 [共催]5/R Hall&Gallery音楽ホール [協力]ミュージック・ステーション [後援]刈谷音楽協会 February 6, 2016(SAT) Doors open at 1:30pm Concert starts at 2:00pm Tickets are 3,500 yen at the door and 3,000 yen if you buy before (

日時 02月06日 (土) 14:00開演 (13:30開場)
料金 全席自由: 一般 3,000円 当日3,500円 <MSClub会員>2,500円 ※未就学児のご入場はご遠慮ください
販売期間 10月23日(金) 17:00〜02月05日(金) 23:59
出演者 《ムーンピロー・アンサンブル》The Moonpillow Ensemble ジェイソン R テイラー(作曲&G&Piano&Toy Piano) 高須大地(G) 大矢修三(G) 【ゲスト】 森本千絵/ヴァイオリン
プログラム ●Program ・幾千の燈(ヴァイオリンとギター三重奏) Thousands of Lights ・【タイトル未定】ヴァイオリンとギター三重奏 【新作初演】 ・ア・ブック・オブ・ソングス~続編【新作初演】 ・ア・ブック・オブ・ソングス~ ホワット・ウッド・ユー・ライク・トゥ・ビー? What would you like to be? ・月ぬ美しゃの旅 Beauty of the Moon ・スタンディング・オン・ザ・ムーン Standing on the Moon ・ここまでの旅 Getting Here ・ムーンピローズ・シークレットソング Moonpillow’s secret Song ・オクトーバー・ドリーム October Dream ・傘を忘れないでね! Don’t Forget Your Umbrella! 他 ※曲目は変更になる場合がございます。予めご了承ください。

10/03/2015 A Paper Opera

a new work for three guitars and picture story. Place:Mizuno 1F Vrai Bonheur 3-5 Nana ban cho Minato-ku Nagoya-shi 5 minute walk from the Tokai Dori Station Reservations:052-652-6886 Charge: 1000 yen 株式会社 ミズノ と き:2015年10月3日(土) じかん:18:30開演(18:00開場) チャージ:1,000円 ばしょ:株式会社 ミズノ 1F Vrai Bonheur 名古屋市港区七番町5丁目3番地 地下鉄名港線「東海通」駅下車一番出口より徒歩5分 ご予約・お問い合わせ:株式会社 ミズノ Tel:052-652-6886 フリーダイヤル : 0120-387-312 第1部:ヴァンキ―コーヒーロースター小島伸吾氏の珈琲にまつわるお話。 そして小島伸吾&ムーンピロー・アンサンブル。 オリジナル紙芝居:小島伸吾(珈琲で描いたオリジナル紙芝居) 作曲:J.テイラー作曲、演奏:ムーンピロー・アンサンブル。 第2部:ムーンピロー・アンサンブル コンサート ★Program★ Moonpillow’s Secret Song、月ぬ美しゃの旅 What would you like to be?、Standing on the Moon 傘を忘れないでね! 他 ※曲目は変更になる場合がございます。

06/28/2015 thousands of lights for flute, violin and guitar trio will be performed at the Kariya Music Festival Spring Concert

Place: The Kariya Sogo Bunka Center Sho Hall Doors open: 1:30pm Concert Starts: 2:00pm Tickets: 900 yen 曲名:「幾千の燈(あかり) /thousands of lights 」 楽器:フルート、ヴァイオリン、ギター3本 日にち:6月21日 場所:刈谷総合文化センター 小ホール 会場:13:30 開演:14:00 全自由席:900円 第1部 刈谷音楽協会会員によるコンサート ・シュポア 幻想曲(ファンタジー)/神谷英里佳(ハープ) ・ブラームス ピアノ三重奏曲 作品8より第1楽章/Trio Falice(ピアノトリオ) ・アルベニス アストゥリアス(レイエンダ) モンティ チャールダージュ /高須ギター合奏曲(ギター合奏) ・ジェイソン・R・テイラー 新作書き下ろし /ムーンピロー。アンサンブル(ギタートリオ)、山本幸代(ヴァイオリン) 、原田澄恵(フルート) ・モーツァルト ディペルティメント シュトラウス2世 ピチカートポルカ バルトーク 弦楽のためのディペルティメント/長久手フォレスト合奏団(弦楽合奏) 第2部 ゲスト・荘村清志によるソロコンサート ・アルベニス ソナタホ長調 ・バッハ シャコンヌ ・グラナドス アンダルーサ ・タルレガ アルハンブラの想い出 ほか *内容・曲目などに変更がある場合がございます。


The Little Mermaid for string quartet narrator and puppets will be performed at the Higashi Bunka Shogekijyo Hall on February 28(Sat). Doors open at 3:30 and the show starts at 4:00pm. Tickets for adults are 2800yen and for High school students and younger 1500yen(if purchased at the door add 300yen). This will be the first full performance of the piece with puppets.Contact me at for tickets.

人魚姫 弦楽四重奏➕人形と語りによるファンタジックコンサート ジェイソン・テイラー全曲オリジナル 2015年2月28日(土) 16:00(15:30会場) 会場:名古屋市東区文化小劇場ホール 前売り 大人:2800円 高校生以下:1500円 当日各300円増し


1/31/2015(Sun) MOONPILLOW’S SECRET SONG WINTER CONCERT at Myshica in Issya.

MOONPILLOW’S SECRET SONG WINTER CONCERT 澄みきった冬の空気に、重なりあい広がっていく3本のギターの音色。音に導かれ、空想の世界へと旅にでかけよう。 好評だった前回に続き2回目の開催となります。ぜひ多くの方に聴いていただきたい音色です。 皆様お誘いあわせの上ご参加いただけましたら大変嬉しく思います。 日付:2015/1/31 sat 時間:open 19:00 start 19:30 チャージ:2,900円(ドリンク・お菓子付き) 会場:ミュシカ店内 ※当日は準備の為17:30に一旦閉店いたします。 ◎ご予約/お問合せ ミュシカまで コンタクトページ またはTel:052-737-8601よりご連絡ください。(Telは営業時間内のみ) 《ムーンピロー・アンサンブル》 ジェイソン・テイラー(G・作曲他)、高須大地(G)、大矢修三(G) 1st Album 『Moonpillow’s Secret Song』 Now on sale

12/21/2014(Sun) “Raphael’s Wings” a new work for solo guitar to be performed by  Daichi Takasu at his Solo Concert “Nocturnal”

9/28/2014(Sun)The Moonpillow Ensemble’s 4th Concert

【Date】9/28/14 Doors open at 1:30 Concert starts 2:00 【Tickets】3,000yen High School students and younger 2,000円(tickets are 500yen more at the door)moonflyer 【Where】5/R Hall&Gallery Concert Hall 【Sponser】The Kariya Music Organization 【Management】Music Station 【Questions】5/R Hall&Gallery  Tel.052-734-3461

7/13/2014 The Moonpillow Ensemble’s Cafe Series

Organic cafe MAHANA mahana

じかん:19:00開演(18:30開場) チャージ:2,500円(月のお茶付き) ばしょ:オーガニック・カフェ マハナ 長久手市仏が根1819 クリオコート103 ご予約・お問い合わせ:マハナTel:0561-57-8918 ★Program★ Moonpillow’s Secret Song、月ぬ美しゃの旅 Thoughts on Landing、Standing on the Moon 傘を忘れないでね!、Here Now Sometimes 他


ripplecafé ripple CONCERT と き:2014年7月12日(土) じかん:19:00開演(18:30開場) チャージ:¥3,000円(ワンドリンク&オードブル付き) ばしょ:カフェ リプル 名古屋市緑区黒沢台四丁目901 地下鉄・桜通線「神沢駅」下車、近くです。 ご予約・お問い合わせ: カフェ リプルTEL:052-846-5724 ★Program★ Moonpillow’s Secret Song、月ぬ美しゃの旅 Thoughts on Landing、Standing on the Moon 傘を忘れないでね!、Here Now Sometimes 他

December 15, 2013 Shuzo Oya and Daichi Takasu will perform Variations for duo, and Sunset for solo guitar at 5/R Hall and Gallery in Chikusa

September 29, 2013 The Moonpillow Ensemble will have its 3rd concert at the 5/R Hall & Gallery in Chikusa, Nagoya, Japan. This time we have a Chie Hamada as our guest performer and a world premiere of “Standing on the Moon” for three guitars and flute.

July 23, 2013 Sextet Pistols for clarinet sextet will be performed in Pavia, Italy as a part of the festivities of the highScore Music Festival. The show starts at 9:30

June 8, 2013 The Moonpillow Ensemble– a special concert on June 8th at Myshica-The Mineral and Music Collaboration. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts from 7:30. The charge is ¥3000 which includes a free drink. It’s about a 5 minute walk from Issya station on the Higashiyama line

February 2, 2013 The Kasanagi Kyoudai Guitar Duo will give the World Premiere of my piece “Dancing on Our Floating World” at FANA in Osaka The show starts at 7:00. Entrance fee: 1000 Yen

January 26, 2013 The Moonpillow Ensemble will be performing at B-WOOD in Yagoto-Nisseki in Nagoya.

December 22, 2012 I will be making a guest appearance on Shuzo Oya’s solo recital. We will be performing Mertz, Natsumi Watanabe, and my piece “Variations.”  Oya will be performing “Sunset” a solo piece which I wrote for this concert. 5/R Hall and Gallery.Doors open at 2:30 Concert starts at 3:00

December 8, 2012 Daichi Takasu will perform my piece “Monologue” at the Fushimi Denki Bunka Kaikan Hall. Doors open at 5:30. Tickets are 3,500¥ at the door and 3000 if pre-purchased.

4つの彩りコンサート 高須大地は「モノローグ」を弾きます。 場所:ザコンサートホール 開場:17:30開演:18:00 前売り:3,000円 当日:3,500円

October 14, 2012 Naoki Yamada(guitar) and Mayumi Chiba(harpsichord) will perform my piece October Dream originally for guitar quartet at the Leaf Hall at 1:30. Tickets at the door are 2500 yen.

September 30, 2012 The Moonpillow Ensemble’s Second Concert will be held at the 5/R HALL& GALLERY doors open at 1:30 and the performance starts at 2:00. Two world premiere’s  Wildwood(tangled webs) and Moonpillow’s Secret Song.

September 23th, 2012 Baroque Lutenist, Shoji Nakagawa will perform selections my piece “Four Stories Highat the Muse Salon in Ozone, Nagoya from 3:00. Tickets are 3000 yen.

July August, 2012 The Moonpillow Ensemble’s recording of my piece “Here Now Sometimes” along with the sheet music was published in the summer edition of the bi-monthly  Guitar Dream magazine

August 7th, 2012 The Yamada Family Guitar duo will perform Getting Here in Kyoto at the Horikawa High School for the performing arts from 6:30

July 7th, 2012 The Yamada Family Guitar duo will perform Getting Here in Osaka at the Benten City Gakushu Center from 2:30

May 20th, 2012 The Lang&Thedieck Guitar Duo will be performing “Variations” as a part of their upcoming concert series in Germany Lätarekirche, München 7:30pm~

May 19th, 2012 The Lang&Thedieck Guitar Duo will be performing “Variations” as a part of their upcoming concert series in Germany Basilika Petersberg 7:30pm~

May 13th, 2012 The Lang&Thedieck Guitar Duo will be performing “Variations” as a part of their upcoming concert series in Germany Kapelle zum, Guten Hirten, Bad Feilnbach 7:30~

May 11th, 2012 Daniel Neer, tenor and Alyssa Reit, harp, with multimedia audio/visual by Ted Gorodetzky will perform Bare Ruined Choirs at 1pm at eGarage Performance Space, 44-02 23rd Street, Long Island City, Queens, as part of the 2012 Queens New Music Festival sponsored by Random Access Music.

May 6th, 2012 The Lang&Thedieck Guitar Duo will be performing “Variations” as a part of their upcoming concert series in Germany at the Sophienkirche in München 5:00~

April 27 and 29th, 2012 Daniel Neer, tenor and Alyssa Reit, harp, with multimedia audio/visual by Ted Gorodetzky will perform Bare Ruined Choirs at the TANK Space for Performing and Visual Arts, NYC

Venue: THE TANK Space for Performing and Visual Arts, 151 West 46th Street, 3rd Floor.
Dates: Two Performances: Friday, April 27 at 9:30pm and Sunday, April 29 at 9:30pm
Performers: Vocalist Daniel Neer and Harpist Alyssa Reit, with multimedia audio/visual by Ted Gorodetzky and Paul Hecht
Director: Ted Gorodetzky

May/April 2012 “Don’t Forget Your Umbrella” for 3 guitars is published in the May/April Issue of the Tokyo-based Guitar Dream magazine along with a recording made by the Moonpillow Ensemble

March 25, 2012 Daichi Takasu will perform “Monologue” at the 38th annual Japanese Guitar Competition Winner’s Concert at  Cleo Hall in Osaka City

March 3, 2012 The Moonpillow Ensemble will give it’s first concert open to the public at the 5R Concert Hall in Chikusa, Nagoya, Japan

November 19th, 2011 The Osaka Guitar Quartet will premiere Don’t Forget Your Umbrella! in Osaka Japan at the Muramatsu Recital Hall in Shin-Osaka from 3:00

A flyer for the November 19th Osaka Guitar Quartet Concert

July 12, 2011 duo EmmaLee will be performing my piece “Winter Light” for flute and guitar in Umag Croatia along with some other great music

Jaques  Ibert                   Histoires Astor Piazzolla              Invierno porteño Astor Piazzolla              Primavera porteña Manuel de Falla             Canciones populares Españolas Jason R. Taylor             Winter light (confessions in the rain) Astor  Piazzolla             Verano porteño Astor Piazzolla              Otono porteño Laurent Boutros             Amasia

May 19, 2011 duo EmmaLee will be performing my piece “Winter Light” for flute and guitar along with a lot of really great music in Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Bošnjački Institute(Bosniak)

Dušan Bogdanović – Deep voices Jason R. Taylor – Winter light: confessions in the rain Manuel de Falla – Canciones populares Españolas Astor Piazzolla – Invierno porteño Verano  porteño Laurent Boutros – Amasia L.Ljubičić- E.Stein – Maces suita duo emma lee concert flyer

May 1, 2011 Charity Concert at the Muse Salon in Ozone, Japan. I will be performing two pieces with Randy Oya Shuzo. We will be performing my piece Variations and a piece by Nagoya composer Natsumi Watanabe “Cosmos”

April 17th, 2011 Charity Concert at the Nagoya Boston Museum in Kanayama, Japan. I will be performing on solo guitar. Villa-Lobos’ Prelude 3, and Falling Through the Cracks.

March 6th, 2011 A Tokoname Burn for String Trio and Guitar to be performed by Jason Taylor(guitar), Chie Morimoto(vln), Emiko Kojima(vla) Akinori Yoshida(vcl) at STUDIO RiRiTa located 8 minutes from Joshin station on the Tsurumai line in Nagoya, Japan.

Spring, 2011(exact date to be announced) An evening-length performance for string quartet and puppets based loosely on the Little Mermaid, a joint project with the Pan Puppet Company

October 30, 2010 A Tokoname Burn for String Trio and Guitar to be performed by Jason Taylor(guitar), Chie Morimoto(vln) and others to be announced. To be performed at the INAX Live Museum in Tokoname 1-130 Okuei-cho, Tokoname city, Aichi Prefecture 479-8586Tel. 0569-34-8282 Fax. 0569-34-8283

May 23, 2010 Violin and guitar Concert at the Sakura Cafe in Motoyama!!!! Kazuho Okada(vln.) and Jason Taylor(guitar). I will be premiering a piece for solo guitar “Late Spring Brooklyn Through the Window” and the rest of the program is all Bossa Nova!!!!

May 21, 2010 GROOVE for violin clarinet and piano at the Denki Bunka Kaikan Concert Hall performed by Chie Morimoto(vln.), Chiho Sugi(cl), and Naomi Konno(piano). Doors open at 6:30,concert starts 7:00

May 14, 2010 GROOVE for violin clarinet and piano at the Togo-Cho Minkankaijyo Hall performed by Chie Morimoto(vln.), Chiho Sugi(cl), and Naomi Konno(piano). Doors open at 6:30,concert starts 7:00., other works by Frank Bridge, Poulenc, Saint Saens, and Milhaud.

January 24, 2010 The Naniwa Guitar Ensemble will perform Thoughts on Landing (for six guitars) at the Chakra Cafe in Osaka. The concert starts at 2:00pm   tel:06-6361-2624

December 12, 2009 Guitar duo concert!!!! Jason R Taylor and Yoshio Nomura will be performing Jason’s work to date for two guitars, including the World Premiere of his Past Lives, an arrangement of Kyoto Leaves from October Dream, Getting Here, two solo pieces Falling Through the Cracks and Monologue. Also on the program is Sergio Assad’s “Vitoria Reggia” from Tres Cenas Brasileiras, Gnattali’s “Valse” from the Suite “Retratos“, and Leo Brouwer’s charming “Micro Piezas.” At the Bourée Concert Salon above the Kawai Music Store in Sakae, Nagoya. Concert starts at 6:00. Admission is 3000Yen.Tel. 052-962-3939

October 31, 2009 Starduster for guitar and string quartet with the World Premiere of the Second Movement “bone dry moon” will be performed at the INAX Live Museum in Tokoname 1-130 Okuei-cho, Tokoname city, Aichi Prefecture 479-8586Tel. 0569-34-8282 Fax. 0569-34-8283. Also on the program is a sneak preview from Past Lives( a new work for two guitars!) performed by Jason Taylor and Yoshio Nomura.

August 7th 2009Winter Light (gtr and fl) and Cold Blue Noodle (fl) will be performed in Baltimore,MD at An Die Musik. I will be manning the guitar for Winter Light and Marcia Kamper will be performing on flute.

December 27th 2008 Winter Light for guitar and violin will be performed at the 10th Annual Christmas Concert at the Sakura Cafe in Chikusa, Nagoya by Chie Morimoto(vln) and Yoshio Nomura(gtr) doors open at 2:00.

August 8th 2008 Getting Here for guitar duo will be published in the August/September edition of the GuitarDream magazine. The recording of which will also be included on the accompanying CD.

October 25 2008 Stardust for string quartet and guitar to be performed at the INAX Live Museum(for more details e-mail me)

October 2008 songs for piano(Naoko Hashimoto) and 2 sopranos(Mariam Tamari & Mie Komori)


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